A 2 Sentenced Update.


This is to officially inform you that I am onboard the Instagram Express (add me: @tinkererofwords) for hopefully dope photos and even doper captions. Have a look at the sidebar, for a glimpse, if you wanna and you wanna because, uh, you seem like a generous human… 😇

p.s. 24th June, soon. 😉


Cherishing — A Chat.


I’ve been meaning to write a straight-forward-ish post for a really long time now. As you might’ve noticed, there’s been a surge in the poetry category here at ToW. Truth is, for me, it is much easier to convey things in writing, behind a shroud of vagueness that comes with poetry. I don’t even know if that’s how poetry should be? I mean it ought to make things clearer, right? ANYWAY.

But yeah. The newest thing so far is: school. 
As I’ve mentioned in my previous post(s), some time back in November 2014, I moved to a different city. And now I’ve finally started school here i.e. I’m the “new kid”…it’s not that bad, to be honest. 😛

ANYWAY#2, I wouldn’t like to bore you with mundane school related talk so let’s move on..

You know, It’s difficult not to miss what you’re no longer part of. Being a stranger to your surroundings is no doubt, intimidating and nerve-wreaking and can be really, really upsetting. But hey, we all (or at least most of us..) know those hardships pretty well. What we don’t so much notice or appreciate is how all things familiar, were once, not. Like somehow:
time twists and turns and poof!
Comfort comes.

You can’t map this change on paper or even explain it as well as you can thoroughly feel it.

Such an incredible phenomenon is incredibly human.

It reminds us that we are not confined to being a single puzzle’s lonesome piece. Sure, certain people elevate us in terms of feeling content or better, but the lack of this elevation doesn’t mean you forget that you’re still standing.

And that alone, is worth cherishing.


Announcing “Toto’s Nuggets”, A.K.A TUGGETS!


Here come the TUGGETS!
Derived from “Toto’s Nuggets”.

“Writing” meets “Illustration”.

Ever since this blog came into existence, it has encouraged me to not only write but to test my art abilities. I have fortunately been a tad above horrendous with drawing, illustrating and sketching. Around approximately a year ago I plunged into trying out digital art and so started out with Adobe Illustrator though it was used exactly like MS Paint, if not worse. Later came Adobe Photoshop and that was when I actually started to figure things out in those gazillion little tool icons.

To this day, I’m definitely a novice at both. Yet now I “tinker” around with it more frequently and that’s where TUGGETS come frying (pun intended) to help; to ensure I write and present in brilliant ways (hopefully!).

Hence on August 17, 2014, illustrated nuggets of writing, whether old or new will be coming to world of Tinkerer of Words!


Aye for words with beauty.

– Toto

P.S. The video above is the official announcement movie made with stop motion animation, which I haven’t EVER tried before! So truly a steep learning curve but I couldn’t have been any more happier with the end result 🙂 I hope you like it..feedback will be extra appreciated.

Thanks for everything, tinkerers! 😀

“IG’s: just some life thing”, starting Friday the 8th!


INTRODUCING “IG’s: just some life thing“!

As you may or may not know, some months ago I was busy with the grandest exams I’ve ever had the unfortunate fate of experiencing, a.k.a THE IGCSE (or The International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

“IG’s: just some life thing” is the uncensored truth from the eyes of a witness.  

I started this series before these exams had begun (something like the start of May..) which was also a time I had no blog to blabber on like I do now. But I think this particular writing was, and definitely is, pretty close to my heart because it’s been the very first time I ventured into a bit more professional sort of writing. Something with better quality than usual.

Also, this is the very first series I’ve ever written so that makes it double special!

All in all, I’m so happy to have this blog to share it with a wider audience. 😉

Anyways in case you might be wondering why I’m posting this series all of a sudden then that’s because it’s soon going to be 12th of August; the day of the results. *yikes!*

Hence this series still needs completion which will come soon, very soon. 😉

*And oops..didn’t plan to write so much. Hehe.* 

My bad.. 🙂

Ohkaay then wonderful readers I’ll stop this from getting any longer and so THANK YOU all for visiting my little blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this series!

Until Friday Fellas,



P.S. Tell me if you guys like that poster thingy..Photoshop is still very “hey-I-wonder-what-this-button-does?” for me! 😛



Update 1.1


Heya people! 🙂
Just wanted to quickly update you all on the addition of a new category called POETRY, being added to ToW.
Poetry is still very new to me and I haven’t written maybe more than 10 poems in total.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying 😉

So the very 1st post in this category titled “DIVISION OF THEM; BROWN AND BLUE” (click on the link to read it: http://wp.me/p4Lefj-2C) was my first try writing free verse poetry and it was insanely fun. 😀

Anyways I hope you look forward to reading new poems in the future just as much as I do writing them!

Take care,


Introducing “OBJECT TALES”!


Today’s the day that I’m proud to announce a brand new series named “OBJECT TALES” coming on board Tinkerer of Words!

object tales

Every object’s got a story, an attachment of our memory or an experience forever saved within it. “OBJECT TALES” tries to jump into discovering these special moments stuck to random things around us.

Come along to see objects not for what they are but for the tales they live with.