ah, yes. I don’t even know what to’s 24th June and my blog, Tinkerer of Words, turns 2!

That’s 2 YEARS of blogging and it’s been a fulfilling experience, to say the least. I have (and still am) trying to understand my writing..but for now, this is a milestone. One which I am incredibly grateful to ya’ll for! For the motivational words and the generous feedback, it’s all helped tremendously.

People’s interest means a lot for any (wanna-be) writer or artist or musician or whatever sort of creative, and you all, each one of you, have made this journey, less daunting. so, THANK YOU. 



p.s. kewl stuff coming soon on ToW! stay tuned. 😉


1 Year Blog Anniversary.


In the beginning,
everything seems feeble and unimportant;

not enough to matter.

And yet one grabs on and holds onto a beginning as if it were, though feeble and unimportant, the only vine worth holding onto.

Self believe can seem no less than a planting but know this, its roots run deep, holding onto you, as if you too were the only vine worth grabbing, in that seemingly mightier forest.


And so it goes, content in even just the bond with your beginning.

But slowly, yet surely, beginning grows and for the first time ever, it lifts you up, just a tad bit higher. Of course, you chuckle it away as if cautious to not let the enormity of your pride make it any heavier for your beginning. Oh you wouldn’t ever want that, not for the once feeble and unimportant.

Ergo you take a deep breathe and tell yourself to let the awe make you lighter and you close your eyes, cautious yet again to let not the sight of it vanish but instead let it sink from your vision and drizzle onto those roots, ones that run deep within you.


So that every once in a while, even in all the eventual growth of your beginning, you feel the awe change into the drizzle, begin to awaken the remembrance of a beginning before your beginning.


When your roots emerged.

For people shone and words, they gifted.

And then it began to matter.


THANK YOU so much to all you wonderful people and for all your wonderful support. I can’t begin to tell you HOW much it means to me.
I’m kind of really ridiculous at phrasing my appreciation…
hence, why I ended up writing a metaphorical-ish (maybe vague? ) piece instead..  
(AND why it took me about a week to finish this post..)
But seriously, this milestone leaves me 100% awestruck.
Thank you for making it possible.  
Oh and there’s a lot more planned for the year ahead that I’m far too excited for. ToW would surely be honoured by your presence!  😉


Much Love,





I have no idea WHAT to say.
yay for being so speechless, eh?

ANYWAYS. I just really would like to THANK YOU wonderful people, who spent ANY amount of time on this little blog of mine!

It might not seem much but trust me, IT IS.

Not completely related to the subject, but I’m reminded of this quote by the one and only, Casey Neistat, when during one of his recently started daily-vlogs (this vlog to be precise), he said:

What’s the point of having ambitions if they aren’t seemingly unattainable?

And listening to that one sentence, I was awestruck.

Now, to have reached this little milestone, you guys help me  reaffirm and strengthen the drive to go on. To attain the unattainable. So thank you for doing that.

Getting to a hundred followers has also been amazing because that means I’ve been able to meet 100 amazing people. I’m sure ya’ll agree that The Blogosphere feels like a large scale YET close-knit community. It’s just one of its kind!

HENCE, to further meet and discover and share (those are a LOT of and’s ^^’ ) more people, starting today,




Handpicked by ToW.

But yeah, I guess that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Eh, thank you for flying with Tinkerer of Words and I hope to see you again?

^haha, that sounded a lot more witty in my head. ouch. sorry.

*Now that I’ve fit enough of Doctor Who*

With gratitude,




Here it is. I can NOT believe I’m done writing this, can’t even remember how impatient I was to have this written. I so much appreciate anyone who is reading and I hope you don’t want to punch your screen once you’re done. Also because I can brag about this being a series, do make sure you read the previous parts (1 & 2), it will be twice more fun, I promise! *fingers crossed*

Imagine you’re jumping onto a train, not only ‘to’ a train but also ‘from’ a train, both of which are moving along opposite tracks in full, train speed fashion. There has come a moment where they’re aligned next to each other, closest they can possibly be and you’re programmed to jump that very instant. Is the thought of doing such an obviously life-threatening action more mind-bogging than the high frequency feelings awakened within you if and once you’ve actually accomplished such a feat? Can disbelieve possibly take so much control instead of the joy of not dying in the process?

Or maybe jumping trains can simply make you go bonkers; at least in my experience.

You see, I’ve recently had such a “jump” from one high speed track of life to another. From what was set to be my ultimate goal, for a good chunk of time, to starting anew in the list of yet more goals to check off. Long story short: The dreaded chapter of “cie exams” has come to an end and it’s time to discover new lands.

To be honest, it is saddening to know that that place that you once deemed to be extremely daunting and hard to navigate becomes simply “discovered”. Like walking through a dense forest, each footstep reminding you how bravely you traveled but by the end of it you’re hit with this much unexplained feeling of longing. The place becomes like those playground spring rockers that have just grown too small for us all.

Yet I’d still ride them in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?

cutesy spring rockers ftw.

picture from Flickr

I’m also indefinably happy at this milestone (a little milestone nonetheless!). The prospect of finding new lands to witness is surely exciting and boundless. It feels wonderful to be pumped back up with this much of energy, much of which I’ll try to save up not only for these 4 months of being a total free elf but for all the new things that have now become daunting and hard to navigate.

Now you may be wondering how the previously titled “ordeal” or in simpler terms “IG’s” went along. Boring, tiring and sometimes mind wrecking? Yes. But surely nothing much frightening than any other stupid ol’ exams. There was more at stake, but in practice it was pretty usual. I suppose falling down a cliff is falling, no matter if you’re (for some idiotic reason) practicing for it or doing it the last official time. The procedure doesn’t change, only the status does so if you’re sane enough to focus on the act and not the importance of the result, well then you’ll have IG’s over with nice and easy!

I could honestly keep writing about this nonstop and it wouldn’t even be my fault. Having finished with o’levels and school has just been the jump-start to wanting to become a better writer and I’m more than ever ready to pursue this newly redefined goal with all the passion I can muster. Thank you to all the people who have accompanied me in this journey in whatever way, may the undiscovered lands enrich you with all you’ve sought for and I wish our roads cross each other’s some way or the other.

And lastly, I think I’ve come to a conclusion. I was right after all: IG’s were most definitely like being hit by a tennis-ball-shooting-machine.

But never in a million years had I ever imagined, that it would leave me smiling.

That’s all for now! I know this one was quite a long read but I do wish it was worth it 🙂 The next part will be coming sometime august, near the time of the “unspeakable day” (yes, I mean the results day  😛 ). So you’ll have to wait a while but don’t worry, I’ve got new plans which I will (like duhh) be blabbering to you all veryyy soon (stay tuned? 🙂 ). Once again thank you for actually reading this and until next time amigos!


– Toto

P.S. Tomorrow is the final day of the countdown,

GET READY for the 4th and LAST PART to be written before the day of the results (a.k.a THE UNSPEAKABLE DAY *rubbish title? yeah, I know 😛 *!