limitless combinations.

I look at a bustling street to realise:

never will
the same people be
at the same place
as once.

and I
can’t help but wonder:

isn’t this telling of
the lives we’re living?

a few steps here or
a few steps there
and my life is a new life
and your life, too,



p.s. wrote that last night. just random stuff.
oh & last exam left. back to frequent blog posts soon!

Hold On.

Maybe bravery isn’t even bravery,
it’s these foolish thoughts meant to stray you
from the path of a “satisfying” (uneventful) life.

And suddenly you’re off your feet and
the ground seems to be shrinking.


Perhaps flying isn’t really flying,
but worries being set free.

The sky is grander than it seems from the ground.”
It’s expanding but it’s also somehow only just around you?

Oh, how your eyes widen and the awe becomes these gusts, determined not to disappoint.

You’re spinning,
the world’s a blur
then it erupts into laughter.

“or no wait..”
maybe it’s just you starting to notice?
Self-deprived of reasons to be happy.
you’ve forgotten;

reasons aren’t reasons,
they’re excuses,

meant direly
to be,

if we encouraged compassion/joy/positivity as much as we romanticise serious mental illnesses to seem almost desirably poetic, maybe we’d be able to spread the much-needed positive vibes in our lives.



inspired by the grand nature of horses & the word: “gallop”
oh yes, horse riding’s on my bucket list. 🙂

I had a way of hearing only the galloping,
even when the canons were blasted.

must keep going
the thud of my horse’s hooves
had to silence the
boom after boom;
sounds marking
the unwanted delivery
of their gifts for us,

The only antidote of our pain,
is help for the helpless
and if not that then,
honour the pain
of the

And I had a knack
for getting to that remedy.
Until one day,
when I’d become
a part of it

 But even then,
the galloping,
could be heard.

And even then
did we,
live on.





Comprehending the things that people are willing to do for the sake of their self benefits, will more often than not, leave you dumbfounded.

I think it’s unfortunately, somehow fit inside of us, to do whatever it takes to survive. Not that that is a bad habit or anything but perhaps in this age we’ve left ourselves to rely on many materialistic things, to be ever present for our survival. Hence “do whatever for survival”, generally speaking, can mean becoming selfish for the sake of your gazillion oh-so-important needs.

But there’s also no denying: on one level or the other, we all are selfish. It’s human nature. You can only strive to cultivate this emotion to not let it become your identifying quality.

And you can only remember to not become reliant on solely surviving, but rather for the benefits of not only others but yourself; try living.



Then how can humans?


On request by a friend I like to call Sumo. (I know, not exactly what you requested yet I seriously hope you like this half decent attempt! 🙂 )


I hope there was a “reporting system” in existence, one that statistically listed your influence to the things and people around you.

Because it is easy to fire your arrows at others without watching it land on the victim. But imagine it after you’ve shot, if you were compelled to read through the exact measurements of hurt, sorrow, betrayal or disbelieve that the victim would have felt because of you. Imagine seeing those pain inflicting wounds sink in like tombstones for the once present happiness and trust that you murdered.

For even practice targets never stay the same after being hit.

Then how can humans?


P.S. Yikes. This is quite tiny of a post by the usual standards. doesn’t let me blabber as much! 😥

Tuggets 0002: “COMMITMENT”


{ Incase you don’t know what TUGGETS are: here’s your guide }

I’ve been proper slouchy these days which is why posting anything, on this lovely internet nest of mine, seemed so intimidating. Creativity has been seriously trolling on me, I tell you.

Also, load shedding is real bummer.

Anyways, I finally did manage to not be a complete lost blogger, thanks to a little Tugget fulfilling its solemn duty. Written on impulse but designed with great care, “COMMITMENT” is the end result:




I’m certain these times of “what-do-I-post-now” are totally normal and expected (what do you guys do to get out of such a state? Feedback super appreciated!). Yet, I do hope I find the acceleration needed to keep this place fresh, however soon as possible. Definitely something that comes with time and enough commitment, I guess ;).


Just have to keep trying! 😀

– Toto