ah, yes. I don’t even know what to’s 24th June and my blog, Tinkerer of Words, turns 2!

That’s 2 YEARS of blogging and it’s been a fulfilling experience, to say the least. I have (and still am) trying to understand my writing..but for now, this is a milestone. One which I am incredibly grateful to ya’ll for! For the motivational words and the generous feedback, it’s all helped tremendously.

People’s interest means a lot for any (wanna-be) writer or artist or musician or whatever sort of creative, and you all, each one of you, have made this journey, less daunting. so, THANK YOU. 



p.s. kewl stuff coming soon on ToW! stay tuned. 😉


Hold On.

Maybe bravery isn’t even bravery,
it’s these foolish thoughts meant to stray you
from the path of a “satisfying” (uneventful) life.

And suddenly you’re off your feet and
the ground seems to be shrinking.


Perhaps flying isn’t really flying,
but worries being set free.

The sky is grander than it seems from the ground.”
It’s expanding but it’s also somehow only just around you?

Oh, how your eyes widen and the awe becomes these gusts, determined not to disappoint.

You’re spinning,
the world’s a blur
then it erupts into laughter.

“or no wait..”
maybe it’s just you starting to notice?
Self-deprived of reasons to be happy.
you’ve forgotten;

reasons aren’t reasons,
they’re excuses,

meant direly
to be,

if we encouraged compassion/joy/positivity as much as we romanticise serious mental illnesses to seem almost desirably poetic, maybe we’d be able to spread the much-needed positive vibes in our lives.




2.5 months and 4 posts later, we have finally reached here.

What a journey it’s been.

Ever had the feeling of having yourself officially detached from something you were stuck to?  Then watching it continue, like it always did and always will, yet with newer passengers.

Suddenly you’re not present in its present.

That’s how I feel post-results. I thought I had officially walked off board during the time the exams had ended but I think it wasn’t entirely that; it was more of just getting off my seat and beginning the walk towards the exit.   So back then, it might have felt like the perfect embodiment of the previously-mentioned feeling but it lacked completion.

Today on August 13, 2014, I feel it done and finished.

I embarked then conquered.

I know I’ve walked off and this time for sure.

“I heard the exit doors shut behind me.”


The summit has been reached.

And trust me when I say:


“The view was worth every bit of the struggle.”

– Toto

P.S. And that’s “The End” for this series. I hope you enjoyed it because I feel hugely proud of being fortunate enough to have start and successfully finish such a thing.
Thank you for your valuable time spent on my feeble, little blog. It means A LOT. 

oh and yes, my inner Gollum did find Precioussss, thankfully. 🙂