Let’s be honest, I’ve been dreading/avoiding writing this post. There’s so much I want to say, it’s become almost impossible to try to phrase perfectly. So without further ado, I’m just going to say it:¬†I have officially moved to a self-hosted blog¬†over at


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 3.34.57 PM

what it looks like now  :$


So from now on, this blog here¬†will not be getting any new content, ya’ll have to (please) go to my¬†new web address.¬†Read Tinkerer of Words has Evolved, the post I wrote on the new blog address about¬†this change.¬†

I know this is a happy moment yet¬†I can’t help but feel nostalgic. The fact that I’ve had to¬†change the theme and the logo (which ahem why don’t you check out at eh? ūüėá)..it’s all much¬†fancier. But there’s¬†no denying I’m going to miss this place, as it this right now, terribly. It’s been one of the best things, in my life. ever. And for all your support and comments, and the friends I’ve been made through this blogging endeavour.. I just can’t be¬†any more grateful than¬†I am. For all of it.


I’m going to miss the community feel of wordpress.com. SO MUCH. But moving to better things is all part of this creative journey even if the fears and the doubts¬†try to keep you from moving. The only way¬†I could¬†avoid feeling daunted was to¬†just do it¬†(hence, why this is such a sudden change..). I had to stop overthinking all the potential affects (effects? ūüôą)¬†and¬†remind myself that success is subjective and if doing what I do, makes me happy, then¬†THAT¬†is worth the most.¬†Finding¬†a readership or gaining followers only comes later¬†and¬†yes, hopefully,¬†some day, even if a few¬†people read what I write¬†then¬†that’s just the cherry on the top.

Phew. Anyway.¬†Don’t want you thinking I’m sad¬†because I’m not..I’m just an incredibly nostalgic Slytherin who’s been avoiding Oreos because Calories¬†are the Dolores Umbridge of the¬†muggle world. ūüôɬ†#nodenying

Overall, the looks at¬†Tinkerer of Words are different¬†so¬†hearing what ya’ll have to say about it would be¬†utterly amazing. ‚̧ I’d be SO HONOURED if you come say hi on¬†my new blog and perhaps share any experience or insight if you’ve been through a similar change?

Also,¬†very important:¬†if you’ve been following here..you might have¬†to go to the new address and click on the follow button again just to be sure you get keep getting notified of the future posts. Alright? Alright.¬†ūüĎĆ

If you see no future posts on this address then I want you all to know that¬†I’ve surely not quit, merely shifted.¬†Thus, in the words of Jack Roper himself:


and remember, it is never Goodbye..oh no, it’s


Much Love,



A 2 Sentenced Update.


This is to officially inform you that I am onboard the Instagram Express (add me: @tinkererofwords) for hopefully¬†dope photos and even¬†doper captions.¬†Have a look at the sidebar, for a glimpse, if you wanna and you wanna because, uh,¬†you seem like a generous¬†human…¬†ūüėá

p.s. 24th June, soon.¬†ūüėČ

1 Year Blog Anniversary.


In the beginning,
everything seems feeble and unimportant;

not enough to matter.

And yet one grabs on and holds onto a beginning as if it were, though feeble and unimportant, the only vine worth holding onto.

Self believe can seem no less than a planting but know this, its roots run deep, holding onto you, as if you too were the only vine worth grabbing, in that seemingly mightier forest.


And so it goes, content in even just the bond with your beginning.

But slowly, yet¬†surely,¬†beginning grows¬†and for the first time ever, it lifts you¬†up, just a¬†tad bit higher. Of course,¬†you chuckle it away as if cautious to not let the enormity of your pride make it any heavier for your beginning. Oh you wouldn’t ever want that, not for the once feeble and unimportant.

Ergo you take a deep breathe and tell yourself to let the awe make you lighter and you close your eyes, cautious yet again to let not the sight of it vanish but instead let it sink from your vision and drizzle onto those roots, ones that run deep within you.


So that every once in a while, even in all the eventual growth of your beginning, you feel the awe change into the drizzle, begin to awaken the remembrance of a beginning before your beginning.


When your roots emerged.

For people shone and words, they gifted.

And then it began to matter.


THANK YOU so much to all you wonderful people and for all your wonderful support. I can’t begin to tell you HOW¬†much it means to me.
I’m kind of really ridiculous at phrasing my¬†appreciation…
hence, why I ended up writing a metaphorical-ish (maybe vague? ) piece instead..  
(AND why it took me about a week to finish this post..)
But seriously, this milestone leaves me 100% awestruck.
Thank you for making it possible.  
Oh and there’s a lot more planned for the year ahead that I’m far too excited for. ToW would surely be honoured by your presence!¬† ūüėČ


Much Love,

Announcing My Next Step: “STORY OF PROGRESSION”


It’s here.¬†

11031743_10206189342562121_97464379_nAghhh I don’t even know where to start! ūüėÄ

So yes, it’s called Story of Progressionand it’s the LONGEST project that I’m committing myself to. SoP (because yes, I adore abbreviations..) consists of me DRAWING¬†everyday for 356 days. Yep, that’s like an entire¬†YEAR. *yikes*

[I’ve made a facebook page for putting up the drawings. Also, a tumblr in case you’re not on¬†facebook. Links will be in the sidebar. So don’t worry..ToW will still be mostly words! ūüôā ]

You might be wondering “why?”..Like why even the prospect of “drawing” when I’ve introduced¬†myself to the internet as a writer and reader but never a draw-er (ahem for the lack of a better word..). But that’s EXACTLY the reason why I want to do it.

As a child, I did like to draw. That’s not to mean the usual phase where toddlers and crayons are inseparable, but like really really liked to draw up until a few years back. Eventually though, I kind of just started to ignore drawing, sometimes blaming my lack or art supplies or postponing incomplete drawings for when I’m more “ready”.

It was during this time that I started notice how much I loved to write.

I’m definitely glad that I did but you know, it does¬†feel like I somehow betrayed¬†my initial creative calling and eventually I¬†couldn’t even hear it at all. And I’m willing to change that.

I’m willing to listen.

Right now, thinking about this all, I am a 100%¬†worried about how well I’ll be able to juggle between writing and drawing (oh and yeah that studying bit too! ūüėõ ), it’s very easy to just forget¬†it and go back to an easier (and mundane)¬†lifestyle with no creative responsibilities.

Yet where’s the fun in that?

I know that hardships are inevitable and there will be MANY times that I’ll doubt ever thinking I was capable. And most surely many days, there may seem that NO¬†time can be found for such a difficult task.

Still, despair too, has its limits.  


I set to¬†prove that creativity is achievable, even in the most average of ways. It doesn’t have to be grand or perfect, it just has there.¬†





“IG’s: just some life thing”, starting Friday the 8th!


INTRODUCING “IG’s: just some life thing“!

As you may or may not know, some months ago I was busy with the grandest exams I’ve ever had the unfortunate fate of experiencing, a.k.a THE IGCSE (or The International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

“IG’s: just some life thing” is the uncensored truth from the eyes of a witness. ¬†

I started this series before these exams had begun (something like the start of May..) which was also a time I had no blog to blabber on like I do now. But I think this particular writing was, and definitely is, pretty close to my heart because it’s been the very first time I ventured into a bit more professional sort of writing. Something with better quality than usual.

Also, this is the very first series I’ve ever written so that makes it double special!

All in all,¬†I’m so happy to have this blog to share it with a wider audience. ūüėČ

Anyways in case you might be wondering why I’m posting this series all of a sudden then that’s because it’s soon going to be 12th of August; the day of the results. *yikes!*

Hence this series still needs completion which will come soon, very soon. ūüėČ

*And oops..didn’t plan to write so much. Hehe.*¬†

My bad.. ūüôā

Ohkaay then wonderful readers I’ll stop this from getting any longer and so THANK YOU all for visiting my little blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this series!

Until Friday Fellas,



P.S. Tell me if you guys like that poster thingy..Photoshop¬†is¬†still very “hey-I-wonder-what-this-button-does?”¬†for me! ūüėõ