Constructive Criticism is a frequently misunderstood kid


“Constructive critics are rare species and they are as misunderstood as… (wait a sec let me find an animal) sharks. ”

Amusing AND Thoughtful! 😀





Precise and perfect!

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

You have heard of murderers
and thieves and traitors
locked up in high towers
for their crimes

But I dare you to see
a free man suffer
in a prison of his own making

Where there are no visible walls
to lock him in
and keep us out

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Stay Bright, My Light!



Here’s to the little things in life! :’)


I thought this morning would be like any other morning. And unsurprisingly, I was wrong. That dramatic introduction aside, let me explain why. Like all other mornings, I started today by brushing my teeth, washing my face, and going downstairs for breakfast.

I looked out the window while preparing my bowl of cereal. Yup, today looked like an awesome day: The sun was shining. The birds were singing. You know, just the ideal day.

When I’d finished pouring Honey Nut Cheerios into a bowl, I realized that my creation needed one more thing to be complete! Milk!

As I casually opened the refrigerator door to procure the missing ingredient, I gasped in the utmost horror and shock.

Was there a horrific slice of moldy pizza gnashing its teeth at me? No. Did someone take the particular morsel I was saving for later? Thank goodness, no. Then what, Anusha! What happened?!

The refrigerator light was off.

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short yet magical! 🙂

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Sometimes it all comes down to a single word. A word of such profound stories yet it has none. The word lingers hindering others from progressing and as you think that the end has come, there it is; nothing.

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