About Me


Hi there, I’m Toto (well my childhood nick, and now blogging, name is. Oh and it’s pronounced “tu-tu”, but spelled Toto; and no, no changing! ).

This is my blog.

Apart from practicing her couch potato skills, Toto likes to believe she can write. A Lifelong English Geek, Toto discovered the magnificent craze for reading at quite an early age and so books have forever been at Toto’s side. The magic of Harry Potter, the habitants of Middle Earth and many other legends that have come to life within the pages of numerous books, have influenced and inspired Toto in realizing how wondrous words actually are. Toto also loves to drink cola, a lot of cola. Theodore is Toto’s beautiful black guitar which is played like a total amateur.  Also an avid fan of everything tech, Toto is somewhat one of those “tech-geeks” albeit with a trusty computer that is showing its age. ToW is Toto’s efforts for a grand debut in the world of stellar writing.  Toto is, as of publishing, 16 years of age.


About Blog


Hello and welcome to the place on the World Wide Web where I’m allowed to blabber for as long as I want! “Tinkerer of Words” is the implementation of a tiny little idea, somewhere at the back of my mind, that soared its way into reality after quite some time. ToW (yes, that’s the official abbreviation) is a place where I’m free to write about anything that “dawns” on me, be it about lifestyle, culture, books or even just random nitpicks about XYZ, my goal is to get it on paper (ah I mean online..) as pleasantly as possible. In this way, I wish to progress into becoming a better “writer” and hopefully be proud of writing something that someone in the world, even if remotely, enjoyed reading! Also perhaps maybe, just maybe, have some fun bellowing “I’m a blogger now!” to each and every person I see (surely EVERYBODY does that, right?!).

In short: big dreams, trying to achieve.

So come along with me on this adventure as I try to tinker with words and sentences and turn them into something magical! *fingers crossed*